A Smart Tech Called Ziel M2 Sleeve Claims It Can Prevent Arm Injuries

A new device in its development stage claims it can prevent injuries from baseball players by actually warning them before hand. Two students from Rice University, Texas came up with the idea for baseball athlete to wear a sought of smart sleeve that will warn them on an impeding forearm injury by monitoring their muscle stress.

What’s the tech all about?
This trendy tech in the form of a sleeve is called Ziel M2 which uses a deep learning algorithm that that offers simple and useful data in real-time to both coach and player. In the past different tech came up with similar ideas like Ziel solution but they kind of tested the waters and finished into thin air due to non-performing concepts.
Currently, its prototype stage has shown to be of use in data collection and doing exactly what the two inventors claim it can do but most people still feel they can do much better in the way the smart sleeve appears. Coaches and players on the other hand might not mind so long they can grab one to the bad boys, strap it to their arm making sure they keep a watchful eye on potential muscle strain or tendon injury.

Product availability further than expected
The company plans to officially launch its product next two years from now which seems like a long way from now before people can physically appreciate them. But the Ziel on the hand believes it’s a good thing, the company aims to target high school baseball teams and work up the ladder from there and surprisingly each smart sleeve will cost about $250 with a coaching subscription for individuals costing $10 monthly which frankly might cost quite more.

Potential future 
Experts have said that if  its focus group to include sports, gyms, industries, school etc. it will be widely embraced. Hopefully, two years from now people can comfortably engage in sports knowing that a particular smart sleeve they are wearing can save them from a nasty injury.

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