How to Guide Teenagers into Accepting Jesus

As Christian parents, you want your child to convert and participate in the salvation that Jesus brings him. If your child is a teenager, it may be more difficult to lead him or her to Jesus. Adolescents experience physical and emotional changes and may have doubts about God or approach religion with skepticism. Be patient and pray. While your teenager looks at you and listens to you, God can work in him through the Holy Spirit.

Talk to your teenager about God and Jesus. Do not openly preach or recite Bible verses if they have been disobedient. The best approach is to talk about Jesus in the daily conservations. For example, when you are out with your teenager, make remarks about the beauty of nature and remind him or her that God is the creator of the world. If a loved one dies, speak out loud and clear about Jesus’ role as a consoler in the midst of sadness.

Share your conversion experience. Witness is a powerful tool to lead others to Christ. Tell your teenager about your life before you accept Jesus. If you were a child at the time, then describe what it was like to grow up knowing Jesus – how you went through difficult times, but He was always there. If your testimony includes periods of rebellion, you may not want to share all the details. This will depend on your child’s maturity. The important thing is how Jesus changed your life.

Explain the Gospel with simplicity. Adolescents need to know in simple terms the need for Jesus in their lives. Instead of using preaching sentences, explain the steps to follow to accept the Lord. Start with the acknowledgement of your sins and the awareness that no one can do anything to pay the debt of sin. Then talk about God’s love for us, which was demonstrated by sending His son into the world to die for the sins of humanity. The last steps are to believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead.

Help your teen understand how to pray for salvation. This prayer does not need to be elaborated. Give your child an example of what is commonly called the sinner’s prayer. You can write it or print a copy from a Christian site. Ask him if he would like you to pray with him, but insist that he can pray in his heart and still be accepted by Jesus.


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