Samsung’s damaging brand

Just this year my friends and I talked about getting a samsung product and yeah we all talked about owing the lastest Samsung S series and owing a chilling air conditioner to keep our boiling heads cool when ever we return from work. Will its a good thing it was just a fantasy cause fast forward to now I don’t think we would want any product on offer from the company and if it was you I am sure you would feel the same way.

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Why is samsung losing traction?
It all started with the exploding piece called the Galaxy S7 and I am sure the talibans will be envious of how this device can blow up, just kidding. It all started with the batteries then later the phones which samsung tried to contain but lost out in the end. You will have to give them credit for strongly believeing they could pull it off cause if I was the CEO I would have run under a long time ago. Samsung’s S7 production line is closed, halted from further production and thereby with its anticipated revenue it had high hopes of cashing in. Some blame Samsung woes on the long contest patent battle with the iPhone which the korean company lost in the end as a major contributor to their current situation.

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Samsung lastest product mishap 
Just last week the samsung washing machine was put under scrutiny for its washing machine exploding while been in use, this lead to the US consumer product safety commission to issue warnings to potential users in the United States. The CPSC further warned users to use the product as minimal as possible to avoid life threathening damages to ones life and property.
After the Galaxy saga, Samsung is in talks with the CPSC on how to revolve the matter so as to avoid legal law suits against the firm in the future. However, it is important to state that the washing machines rarely blow up on their users at home.

Samsung’s damaging brand 
Following their smart phone disaster, samsung may be heading for another down fall in the hands of their washing machine users and as faith will have it most user have begun to record their machine’s abnormal behaviour, reporting it to authorities and positioning themselves for a law suit. Building a brand takes hard work, destroying it takes less effort and just like the British empire who ruled the lands and seas for 300 years and got dismantled in just 30 years, I sincerely hope that won’t be the case of the Korean giants.

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